That Happy Guy Who Always Loses

With the recent news that Kofi Kingston has split from partner R-Truth it looks like he will go back to being that happy guy who always loses. However, this may be better at least for Kofi if not for the fans who may have enjoyed having one more team in WWE’s growing tag division. After all, people always remember the guy who seemingly would look happy even if he lived through Dr. Ruth’s childhood.

Take for instance, Scotty 2 Hotty. In the match below he wrestles Joey Ryan for Mach One Wrestling (M1W). To the surprise of no one at the M1W Wrath of Con event right before he hits the worm, C. Edward Vander Pyle distracts him and Ryan sneaks in and pins Scotty with his foot on the ropes. Still, the crowd which is a good size for an indie eats it up.

Of course, not all happy guys who always lose work crowds like this. Take for instance an even older happy guy who always lost, Tito Santana. In the below match from National Pro Wrestling Superstars (NWS) he works in front of a small, but rowdy crowd, taking on Danny Demento. The NWS show has a ton of empty seats and the camera work and production  are so bad that even NWS abandoned the YouTube channel it is on.Heck, the match cuts off before Santana gets the three count so for all we know he still lost. Yet, Tito gets much love and a reaction.

If…or more likely when Kofi comes to the independent scene he will inspire cheers whether he works in front of a couple hundred or just a couple of people. He of course will smile the whole time either way.

Road Agent: Kofi, no one came to the show so we have to pay you in stale popcorn!

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