Puro Flashback: Seiya Sanada and Joe Doering Get Wild in AJPW

by Daniel Johnson

Seiya Sanada and Joe Doering vs. Manabu Soya and Takao Omori

This AJPW bought features Seiya Sanada and Joe Doering, two men who have made good opponents, teaming up. Sanada and Doering’s opposition are Get Wild, an experienced duo made up of Manabu Soya and Takao Omori.

Sanada and Soya start the match and their exchange is literally too fast to call. When neither Sanada nor Soya can get the upper hand they tag in their respective partners. Doering and Omori are the bigger members of each of their respective teams and as such it is not surprising how vicious they are in laying into each other. At first Doering and Omori try to knock each other down with shoulder blocks. Seeing he cannot knock Doering down, Omori changes up his offense and simply throws a big boot into Doering’s face. This angers Doering who then shoulder blocks Omori out of the ring, which leads to some brawling.

Despite being the less seasoned team, Sanada and Doering actually gel excellently together and use a classic tag team strategy by repeatedly cutting Soya off from his partner and double teaming him. However, when all heck breaks loose and Omori brawls with Doering for an extended time period, Soya catches Sanada all alone. In the closing moments of the match Soya explodes on Sanada with a killer lariat. Ridiculously enough Sanada kicks out at one. Without hesitation Soya explodes again with an even more deadlier looking lariat and this time gets the win.

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