Beyond Wrestling Feeding Frenzy Write-Up

by Daniel Johnson


Beyond Wrestling Feeding Frenzy got off to a rough start at Fete Music in Providence, Rhode Island this past Sunday. Minutes before doors were supposed to open for general admission ticket holders Drew Cordeiro came out to tell fans the show would be starting later because the wrestling ring broke and another one needed to be transported to the venue. Despite the event starting roughly two hours after the advertised 4:00 p.m. start time, the night had a lot of great moments and fans tended to be as charged up as ever.

Also, to give the fans at least a little something during the wait, Sugar Dunkerton and Eric Corvis had an unadvertised match. Since the ring wasn’t at Fete Music yet, the wrestlers got some fans together for a human ring match. To form this ring fans locked arms with some taller attendees serving as ringposts. Since Dunkerton and Corvis were working on an unmatted, hard floor they couldn’t bump much, but the two had fun with the bout and pretended to bounce off fans as if they were ropes. Dunkerton and Corvis also clamped on a few moves that don’t much require a ring.


After knocking Corvis down with one last running attack for the win, Dunkerton joked that it was the worst idea of the night. The match was given a warm reception.

Following the ring getting set up the official show opener featured a four corners match involving Buxx Belmar, Matt Cage, Davey Vega and Danny Cannon. Belmar was crafty throughout the match and picked when to hit and when to hide.


Either fortunately or unfortunately depending on your perspective, Belmar refrained from being quite as gross as he was at the previous Fete Music show, Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow II. While Belmar eventually got the win, Cannon got the best reaction from the crowd and even climbed up the venue’s big metal support beam to hit an aerial attack.


Feeding Frenzy was filled with surprises and the next match, which pitted Kimber Lee, had one of the best of the show. Major independent wrestling star Chuck Taylor came out to battle the only woman wrestling at the event. The bout was filled with Taylor getting the upper hand and just acting like a real misogynist. Really, Taylor played his role as a jackass heel as well as ever.


Taylor being so good at playing his part made it all the more rewarding for Lee when she clamped on an armbar variation to make Taylor tap.

The feeding frenzy match featuring four teams wrestling another four teams, with only one surviving combination then took place. The way the match worked was that if one partner was defeated then his tag partner was also eliminated. The face half of this contest consisted of Fear and Loathing in New England (Aaron Epic and Dave Cole), EYFBO (“The Funky Monkey” Angel Ortiz and “The Real Deal” Mike Draztik), The Minute Men (Devin Blaze and Tommy Trainwreck) and Da Hoodz (Kris Pyro and Davey Cash). The heels were Le Tabarnak De Team (Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas Dubois), Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster and Blaster Mcmassive), The Whaling City Wrecking Crew (Nick Steel and Vain) and Crusade for Change (Darius Carter and TJ Marconi). Carter played a great heel in this match and even cheesed off his own partners by trying to steal their glory/pinfalls.


Still, even with the dissension among the heels, the faces got backed into a corner, literally.


Also, during this match one of the fans accidentally got kicked in the face and fell down. Later he was shown to be alright though.

As for the outcome of this frenzy, Epic and Cole were left all alone to represent the faces against Le Tabarnak De Team and Devastation Corporation. After some good luck, great moves and a final fastball punch from Epic, Fear and Loathing in New England got the victory. Sugar Dunkerton and Pinkie Sanchez (dressed like a cow) then came out to urge Epic and Cole to reform The KOA stable. However, Epic had to give Dunkerton a no.


The first title defense of the show presented Beyond Wrestling veteran AR Fox representing Chile Lucha Libre (CLL). Fox defended his CLL International All Star Championship against Shynron in what may have been the night’s show stealer.


At several points throughout the performance, it looked like Fox was going to put Shynron away with his lo mein pain finisher. However, Shynron got in some aerial offense of his own and cradled Fox to win the CLL International All Star Championship. Following Fox’s loss he tried to beat up the referee, but the referee stood up for himself and Fox was left humiliated.


The next singles match was another chapter in the long running Antony Stone/Nicholas Kaye feud, which even predates Beyond Wrestling Americanrana, the company’s first show at Fete Music.  Instead of wrestling Stone, Kaye instead had Myke Quest represent him with the stipulation being that whoever won got to decide the stipulation of a future tag match of Kaye and Quest wrestling Stone and a mystery opponent. Quest got heckled to hell in this one for supposedly looking like an out of shape version of WWE star Dean Ambrose. Stone dominated the match and kept Kaye out of most of it by handcuffing him to the ring ropes. If you’re familiar with any heel manager though you should already know that Kaye escaped leading to a loss for Stone. Kaye then said he wanted a no disqualification match. Stone in turn responded by saying that his partner will be hardcore wrestler Matt Tremont.


The last match prior to intermission was a great showcase for The Juicy Product (“The Juice” JT Dunn and “The Product” David Starr). Dunn and Starr’s speed and agility helped them a lot in this one though at some points their much heavier opponents The Hooligans (Devin Cutter and Mason Cutter) caught and slammed them.


More surprisingly if you’ve never seen The Hooligans wrestle before then some of the flips they do will shock the heck out of you! In the end Dunn landed a rip chord elbow to win. On a related note, Dunn came out later in the night playing up his new knockout kid nickname and challenging Chris Hero at Beyond Wrestling’s next Fete Music show, Beyond Wrestling Critical Acclaim.

Fans were welcomed back from intermission with ROH stars Michael Elgin and Tommaso Ciampa battling Chris Dickinson and Jaka in an all-out war. Elgin and Dickinson tried to best each other in every conceivable way. At one point Elgin hit a particularly lengthy stalling suplex.


Dickinson then performed a stalling suplex that lasted so long his trunks almost fell down during it. As surprising as Chris Dickinson’s penis would have been, the real big reveal of this bout was a masked man coming out to attack Elgin and give the ROH team a disqualification victory. This attacker, Dickinson and Jaka then destroyed Elgin and Ciampa, but the mask of the attacker didn’t stay on for long. The man uncovered his face to reveal…


Jimmy Jacobs! Dickinson then cut a promo about how he wasn’t going to let the likes of Elgin and Ciampa show off in his company. This brought out Eric Corvis who told Dickinson that he brought him into Beyond Wrestling, which led to brawling. After a good effort from Corvis, Jacobs took out some spikes and well, you can do the math.


The next bout was considerably less violent than the mauling Corvis took. Oddly enough it was a contest featuring some representatives of the ultraviolent, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW).


The Beaver Boys (John Silver and Alex Reynolds) defended the CZW World Tag Team Championship against Tremendous Investigations, Inc. (Bill Carr and Dan Barry). Carr and Barry had the bout won on several occasions perhaps most notably after a double team attempt toward the end.


Still, The Beaver Boys sneaked out of the contest with a victory, which prompted CZW owner DJ Hyde to come out and congratulate his champions.


Hyde went on to talk down to Tremendous Investigations, Inc. and the audience. Sozio of The Front stable then added insult to injury (or perhaps the other way around) by attacking the battered and defeated face tag team.

On a more upbeat note, the next match featured was trumpeted as the battle of the bulge. Johnny Cockstrong and Sexxxy Eddy are known for their comedic skills, particularly in doing a lot of things involving their genitalia. The crowd was also really into this match (perhaps to an uncomfortable degree). Yet the battle of the bulge never saw a proper ending. Instead The Wingmen (Mark Shurman and Gregory Edwards) came out to kill the fun. The whole affair was then turned into an impromptu tag match. Although the Cockstrong/Eddy team ended up winning, it did not come without some punishment, including punishment of their most prized possessions. In one instant, Edwards had a clamp on both Eddy’s neck and his junk while Cockstrong could only look on helplessly.


To cap off the night a much more serious, first time ever match was held between Beyond Wrestling’s top ranked/CZW World Heavyweight Champion, Drew Gulak and Kevin Steen. Both men got some shots in and it was pretty even throughout.


Towards the end of the performance though Gulak targeted Steen’s leg, which surprisingly led to the badass Steen submitting. Gulak was shown to still have respect for his opponent afterwards and accepted a handshake.


The night ended with some more aggression from Dickinson and Jaka who attempted to pulverize Gulak and Steen just as Elgin, Ciampa and Corvis had been beaten earlier. Instead the locker room emptied. Oddly enough instead of trying to just help Gulak and Steen, Tommaso Ciampa ended up challenging Gulak to a match at Beyond Wrestling Critical Acclaim next month. Drew Cordeiro was forced to come out and book a submission match with the agreement that Ciampa and Gulak refrain from trying to kill each other for the rest of the night.

Overall, the show had some logistic problems, but it’s tough not to be thrilled with such a quality event. It should leave any fan of the company of Denver Colorado wondering what will happen next.

Photos 1-21: Daniel Johnson /

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