25 and Under: Devin Baker Wrestles Brandon Webb at a Carnival

by Daniel Johnson

Devin Baker vs. “Devil’s Reject” Brandon Webb

As much as I like to use these pieces to feature young talent the real star of this clip is the setting. This Power League Wrestling (PWL) match features wrestling going back to it’s roots and taking place at a carnival? What could be better than that? Yes, you could ride on a tilt-a-whirl and then see a guy get planted on the mat with a tilt-a-whirl slam all in the same day.

At any rate outside of the awesome and vibrant setting this clip features young “Devil’s Reject” Brandon Webb taking on younger Devin Baker. Baker quite literally has wrestling in his blood. Devin’s father, Brickhouse Baker serves as the patriarch of the Baker independent wresting family, which also includes Devin’s brother David Baker. Today, Devin Baker is only in his early 20s, which gives you an idea of how young he was when this bout took place in 2011.

The match is not perfect and Baker hits a pretty ugly hip toss early on (which the commentators call a big back body drop for some reason). Still, Baker and Webb have decent chemistry. Webb’s valet, Valkyrie also spices up the match and distracts Baker at one point allowing Webb to dive through the ropes to the ground with an attack. For the finish Baker gains back his momentum, but Valkyrie trips him while he is suplexing Webb inside the ring. From there the match sees the same finish as The Ultimate Warrior’s classic battle with Rick Rude at WWF Wrestlemania V and Webb gets the win.

For other recent additions to the 25 and Under series take a look at 25 and Under: Deadbones Dawkins at FFPW Gym Show and 25 and Under: Hayden Zenith at SHWA Midyear Mayhem.

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