25 and Under: Hayden Zenith at SHWA Midyear Mayhem

by Daniel Johnson

Hayden Zenith vs. Crimson Lightning

This match between Hayden Zenith and Crimson Lighting took place about two years ago and was wrestled for the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance (SHWA). Australia is a country filled with prodigy level young talent. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether this applies to Hayden Zenith, but one fact about him that is unmistakable is how versatile he is.

Crimson Lightning has a super hero type gimmick (even coming out to the freaking Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme!). Since Zenith had previously been a heel in SHWA, he makes an appeal to the crowd even though he has to win them over from a super hero. Zenith tells the audience he had been acting like a douchebag and a knob, but that he wants to change. As such this match reminds me very much of Eddie Guerrero’s work just before he passed away where you think the former heel is going to turn any minute, but never quite does. Zenith also hits some sick moves in this match including a plancha over the rope to the floor. Along the way Zenith mixes in some comedy spots such as a Rikishi inspired stink face. Towards the end of the bout Zenith nearly pulls out a victory. First, Zenith wiggles out of a gorilla press position and performs a great looking hurricanrana. Next, Zenith plants Lighting with a DDT that hits harder than the funky beats of Mike Tenay. Alas, a Zenith win is not to be and Lighting pins him after an ace crusher from the fireman’s carry position. The bout is a seriously impressive showing especially since Zenith was barely in his twenties when it took place.

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