The TNA Scouting Report: “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont

by Jason Tolland


Matt Tremont


Presence. Unique. Enigma.

All of these words personify Matt Tremont perfectly. For those who are unaware of Tremont, I hope to soon have that change. People who haven’t had the chance to watch him will hopefully read this article and scope his work out.

I’m not going to lie, his style isn’t for everyone. For those that don’t know, he’s mainly a deathmatch worker. A deathmatch is one of the most physically draining matches you can take part in, shortening your career in the process. They often involve heavy bleeding and use of every kind of weaponry you can imagine: thumbtack bats, barbed wire boards, panes of glass, boards of nails, light tubes, tables, chairs, etc. They’re completely brutal and not for the faint of heart.

While Tremont is still a young talent in the industry (25 years old), the wear on his body is already starting to show. His upper arms bare scars from numerous sharp objects. His forehead has deep scars from (very committed) blade jobs. In the short amount of time he’s been wrestling he’s left a good part of his body with it.

Don’t get me all wrong though, Tremont is much more than blood and guts. The best examples of his work are his promos. He drags you into his story and captures your attention, not letting you go. Few people, especially this young in age, have the ability to make you stop what you’re doing, and listen. He could be having a match with a random nobody at a local show, and his promo beforehand has you willing to fork money out of your pocket to see that match. It’s an aura that you rarely find. He often reminds me of a combination of Mick Foley, Jake Roberts and Bully Ray. That’s some high praise, no matter who you are.

There’s always a place for a hoss in wrestling. A big, ugly guy who’s there to provide brawls and be intimidating. Tremont fits that bill to a tee. That, combined with the ability to talk people into an arena makes for a future star just waiting for the perfect opportunity in the big leagues: This is where TNA comes in. With talent on their roster such as Bully and Abyss, they have some top quality brawlers…but they don’t have many of them. There’s room for more and Tremont could easily fit the bill. Even if they sign him up for a development deal for a while as he’s definitely still green and has some work to do in matches without weaponry, he’s a diamond in the rough. Willing to learn and up his game, he can become a viable asset for any company he’s a part of. Unfortunately for him, WWE doesn’t really look for guys who are covered in scars and known for their deathmatch work, but TNA, who aren’t afraid to use blood and brawls more often, would be a great fit for him.

I bet guys like Bully and Abyss would be happy to work with and help train him further so he can reach his full potential. Both of those guys have evolved their characters and styles over the years: Bully from a hardcore, tag team wrestler; Abyss from a monster who falls into thumbtacks to a cowardly lawyer. Tremont could learn heaps under the tutelage of those guys.

Tremont has a great story to tell and he deserves to have it be heard. Someone who can grab a microphone and control a crowd like he can deserves a grand stage. People have underestimated talent like Mick Foley in the past and he made them all eat their words. I am confident in five years time Tremont will be a top talent for a major company.

”To be the best, you’ve got to stomp the rest” – Matt Tremont.

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5 replies

  1. A good way to get tna to notice him is to get him on the house of hardcore card with a lot of old tna guys

    • Hi Joe Wood,

      Thank you for the comment on Jason Tolland’s piece! The House of Hardcore cards are certainly a great place to get noticed and having TNA alumni on them is certainly a major benefit for any potential TNA wrestlers.

  2. A very different style of Tremont match – vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey, from earlier this year.


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