Puro Flashback: Tetsuya Naito Takes on KUSHIDA at NJPW NEVER 7

by Daniel Johnson

Tetsuya Naito vs. KUSHIDA

Tetsuya Naito and KUSHIDA start this match off in a very scientific manner by trading a lot of holds and not much else. When the action starts to build Naito and KUSHIDA then trade arm drags, but then Naito prevents a stalemate by nailing a dropkick on KUSHIDA’s left leg. From there Naito targets in on this leg, but his attempts prove to be fruitless. It is too bad because as anyone who has seen a KUSHIDA match knows, his legs are a big part of his offense. This match is no different as KUSHIDA hits multiple dropkicks, first to Naito’s face then to Naito’s back which sends Naito headfirst into the ringpost.

Naito delivers a dropkick of his own to turn the tide of the match and nearly wins the encounter after a running swanton bomb and a two count. KUSHIDA comes back on the offensive, but then goes for a big moonsault only to land right on Naito’s knees. Naito hits a top rope dropkick and a top rope hurricanrana, but goes to the well one time too many when he misses a corkscrew from up top. KUSHIDA lands some strikes, but he is too weakened by this point in the bout to capitalize on Naito. Naito hits a Karl Gotch quality German suplex before planting KUSHIDA on the mat one last time to get the win.

After the match Naito and KUSHIDA cut promos only those fluent in Japanese can fully appreciate. Okay maybe people really good at using Google Translate can appreciate them as well.

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