Old School Flashback: The Beast Squashes Sindy Paradise

by Daniel Johnson

The Beast vs. Sindy Paradise

Prior to this match commentator Ken Resnick praises Sindy Paradise for being willing to take on any opponent and for having, “A heart as big as all outdoors.” The clip then shoots over to The Beast with her manager Ashley Kennedy. Kennedy gives a straight forward heel promo saying that it doesn’t matter where The Beast comes from and that, “She will destroy anything that gets in my way.”

Well, as the title of this piece indicates this is essentially an all out squash match. The Beast starts by immediately grabbing a hold of Paradise’s wrist and slamming her down twice. In fact, for a while it looks like the only shots Paradise will get in are some strikes that The Beast completely no-sells. However, out of nowhere Paradise manages a handspring elbow that…The Beast barely sells. Instead The Beast slams Paradise down, rips her up from the mat by her hair and slams Paradise down again. The Beast then gets a three count with a big splash. However, The Beast is not content to win with just three and demands a five count, King Kong Bundy style. Overall, this clip was a fun squash match that lasted barely any time at all and is nice quick slice of LPWA action.

To check out more of The Beast try Old School Flashback: A Beast is Unleashed in the LPWA. For more of Sindy Paradise take a look at Old School Flashback: Sindy Paradise Wrestles Magnificent Mimi for LPWA Hot Bodies.

Lastly, in some exciting LPWA news, the folks running the official LPWA YouTube channel started adding new videos for the first time in about a year on January 20. Check out the first of these videos, LPWA Hold of the Week: Ankle Pick.

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