Old School Flashback: Sindy Paradise Wrestles Magnificent Mimi for LPWA Hot Bodies

by Daniel Johnson

Sindy Paradise vs. Magnificent Mimi

This is the opening match from LPWA Hot Bodies and as such the clip includes the opening from the original VHS tape. The introduction features four giant stone cats turning into women. How many wrestling tapes can say that? Also, featured is Ken Resnick hyping up the action followed by a promo from Magnificent Mimi and her manager, Jonathan Blue. Mimi taunts her opponent by saying, “Little Sindy Paradise, Mighty Mite? Mighty stupid if you ask me.” Perhaps to back up Mimi’s stupidity claim while Mimi comes out with Jonathan Blue, Cheryl Rusa, Paradise’s partner in The Mighty Mites tag team is nowhere to be found.

Despite being the much smaller woman and the underdog, Paradise starts the bout off with a drop toe hold and follows it up with a clothesline. There just may be a reason Paradise eventually earned a LPWA Championship shot! On the downside just about all of the action in this clip is super, super sloppy, but the bout is short and the competitors pace themselves appropriately. Given Mimi’s size advantage it was obvious that Paradise would not stay in control too, too long. Mimi suplexes Paradise, gives her a knee to the gut and gives her a snap mare by the hair twice. Paradise fights back by literally pulling Mimi’s legs out from under her and getting her in a spinning toe hold. It’s a bit different from how I’ve seen Dory Funk, Jr. apply it, but oh well. Next, Mimi gets Paradise in a super sloppy piledriver position, which ends up being some sort of powerbomb.

Paradise has one last hurrah before the bell rings and hits a handspring elbow followed by a monkey flip and some snap mares. Mimi is mad and attacks Paradise with an un-Antonio Cesaro like giant swing followed by choking her on the ropes then pummeling her back into submission.

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