WCW Breaking News 12/31/13

by Daniel Johnson


*The early estimates for WCW Backstage Assault 2013 are in and they are even lower than the previously reported buys for WCW Starrcade 2013 with only 23,000 North American buys and 17,000 international buys for a total of 40,000 buys. Rumors indicate that WCW is considering reducing it’s numbers of annual pay-per-views for next year, but nothing is set in stone. Some blame is being placed on poor promotion, which included WCW marketing the show as being the first ever wrestling  pay-per-view to not include a ring and simultaneously saying a ring would be included. This was due to the fact that head booker Vince Russo championed the idea of getting rid of a ring while others fought this concept until the last minute. Since Russo won out he is expected to receive the lion’s share of the backlash from WCW officials.

*Bill Goldberg defeating Tokyo Magnum in 38 seconds in the scheduled Backstage Assault main event is said to be the result of masterful politicking on Goldberg’s part. Not that Goldberg is a political genius mind you. He just showed up to this past Sunday’s event and told Russo he was either, “Going out there and going over or not going out there at all.” After such an embarrassing squash match loss it is unknown where  Magnum’s super push will go from here.

*Insiders say that Bill Goldberg being revealed as Scott Steiner’s mystery opponent to cap off Backstage Assault as it’s real main event was unsurprisingly booked on the fly. In the days leading up the show the most common names rumored online to be Steiner’s opponent were AJ Styles, Chris Jericho and Hulk Hogan. Sources say AJ Styles has still yet to meet with head of talent relations Kevin Nash so he was most likely never seriously being considered. Likewise, Chris Jericho didn’t drop any ambiguous tweets on Twitter, which he has often done when teasing comebacks so it is unlikely he was considered either. Plus, as previously reported Jericho has said he never wants to go back to WCW. Hogan and the WCW front office on the other hand were in negotiations right up to the day before the show. We can report that a deal was even reached at one point, but fell apart when Hogan requested he go over with the promise of losing to Steiner at a future date. More importantly the sides had a big difference of opinion when it came to money.

*Sean O’Haire’s days as WCW United States Champion are said to be numbered. Although he surprisingly defeated former tag team partner Chuck Palumbo at Backstage Assault, creative is said to be getting antsy about what to do with Scott Hall. Having Hall win the WCW United States Championship would be an easy if head scratching fix to the problem. Hall having previously been forced to vacate the title was recently rehired by WCW. However, other than bringing Scott Hall TV to WCW programming he has done nothing of note since. Head of talent relations Kevin Nash has been a vocal supporter of having Hall get back in the ring. Also working against O’Haire is that WCW officials are reportedly steaming after O’Haire let himself go. Again.

*WCW’s long running My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic brony inspired tag team may be finally done. The seeds of a rift between Pinkie Parka aka La Parka and Disqojack aka Glenn Gilbertti were planted when Disqojack accidentally cost the team the WCW World Tag Team Championship. This incident from Backstage Assault was again booked on the fly as the new champions became High Voltage 2.0 aka the makeshift tag team of Kenny Kaos and Jimmy Yang. Disqojack is expected to turn heel and revert back to either his Disqo or Disco Inferno ring name. Parka is expected to receive a major singles push though since the WCW United States Championship is all tied up and the WCW World Television Championship is inactive, it is not known what he is to be pushed towards. The WCW Hardcore Championship perhaps?

*Speaking of the WCW Hardcore Championship, Crowbar earned some fans backstage when his gauntlet match for the aforementioned title stole the otherwise unspectacular show that was Backstage Assault. Expect to see a slight push for Crowbar. He may even main event a WCW Tuesday Nitro or two.

*WCW officials are looking for a rock act to perform at the upcoming WCW Souled Out Sin 2014 show. KISS has been one name flying around backstage since the company has previously worked with the group. However, sources say WCW is looking for a younger group. Currently, Metallica is the top candidate.

Disclaimer: Unless you were speared through a cage by Bill Goldberg or mauled by Wildcat Willie you should know that none of this actually happened. The real WCW was purchased in 2001 by the company that would become WWE.

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