WCW Breaking News 11/28/12

by Daniel Johnson

*The gigantic news coming out of this week is that after years of battling WCW, Vince McMahon has agreed to sit down with the company’s creative team. There is no word yet on whether WCW and WWE will be doing some inter-promotional work or if WCW just wants to pick the billionaire (millionaire?) brain of McMahon.

*In the last few days former WCW star Chris Jericho was reportedly approached by head of talent relations, Kevin Nash about signing a short-term contract. The contract was said to be for three months, but still be in the low six figures. A supposed witness account that Jericho responded by ripping up the contract and saying that he “will never ever sign with the company again” remains unsubstantiated.

*Sid Vicious is said to be highly upset about the ending of WCW Mayhem 2012. With his contract coming up it is looking more and more doubtful that he will re-sign. After being soundly defeated by WCW World Heavyweight Champion The Ultimate Warrior, Warrior’s Starrcade opponent, Bill Goldberg came out. Rather than going after Warrior directly Goldberg instead sent a message to him by spearing Sid before violently tossing him outside and giving him a jackhammer on the outside. Sid was further ticked off after the event when a member of the WCW creative team suggested that he reenact his infamous leg break from the WCW Sin 2001 pay-per-view on the following WCW Tuesday Nitro. Our source refused to give the creative member’s name, but hinted that it rhymed with Slenn Silbertti. Instead of turning his leg into sawdust Sid stayed home last night and is not expected to be at next week’s Nitro.

*Previously it was reported that the WCW creative team had been toying with the idea of inserting Vampiro into the feud between Scott Steiner and Vader. If you caught last night’s WCW Tuesday Nitro then you probably already know that is no longer the case. It is said that right up until show time creative were waffling between either Vampiro or the man they eventually decided on…Ron Waterman. Although Waterman hasn’t been inserted into the storyline yet it is rumored that he will be beginning next week. As it stands the angle is that Waterman will be going on a quest to uncover his real father. After ruling out all the other wrestlers in the locker room it will come down to Steiner and Vader. While common sense points to Steiner being the big bad booty daddy, with the all the twists and turns lately a Vader reveal is a strong possibility.

*Unlike Waterman, Vampiro already has his hands full in a storyline indicating that he will not be involved in the aforementioned Steiner/Vader feud. As seen last night Adolfo Tapia aka La Parka aka Pinkie Parka announced his replacement partner for the recently released Dionicio Castellanos Torres aka Psicosis aka Psicosis Sparkle in the red hot My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic inspired tag team. Rainbow Vamp came out to help successfully defend the WCW World Tag Team Championship in a match against Berlyn and Tokyo Magnum. It may have been surprising that neither Tony Schiavone nor Mark Madden made reference to the masked man being Vampiro despite his tattoos making it pretty obvious who he was. Yet, what may be more surprising is the word coming out is that this will continue and that Rainbow Vamp will be treated as an entirely new character with no connection to Vampiro.

*Chuck Palumbo and his manager Mike Sanders are a hot topic backstage following Palumbo’s back-to-back four star plus matches with Ultimo Dragon and Kaz Hayashi, respectively. Right now the plans are for Palumbo to be built up as a bad boy and for Sanders to sic him on every jobber that crosses his path. The end game being considered is for Palumbo to win the vacated WCW World Television Championship and bring back some prestige to that title. The championship has not been seen or mentioned since being physically lost last month. As of this writing neither Dragon nor Hayashi have been booked for any future WCW television tapings.

*Plans to bring in failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney for a one-off cameo were stillborn after the WCW higher-ups decided that it would not be beneficial for either party. The pros and cons of bringing in failed presidential candidate Roseanne Barr for a one-off cameo are now being weighed.

Disclaimer: Unless you got smashed in the face with Raven’s stop sign or shocked into amnesia with Scott Hall’s taser then you should know that none of this actually happened. The real WCW was purchased in 2001 by the company that would become WWE.

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