A Handicap Match with a Bad Man from Japan

by Daniel Johnson

With his big chain in hand and absolutely jacked physique,Togi Makabe has to be one of the scariest performers on the Japanese wrestling scene today. If this match where he takes on NOSAWA and Taichi should be considered a handicap match it is NOSAWA and Taichi who are the handicapped ones.

Being familiar with Hercules Hernandez it is impossible not to draw a comparison between the two. While Makabe has a noticeably more diverse skills set he still no-sells like a boss, which is a trait that Hernandez highly valued. For proof just look up Hercules’ going away match with Sid Justice.

Anyway, getting back to this match with NOSAWA and Taichi’s fists causing as much damage to Makabe as they would to a wall made out of two feet of solid diamond it looks like they won’t even get him off of his feet. However, they accomplish this task after throwing him into the guardrail on the outside. Back inside they hit a pair of double dropkicks, first targeting Makabe’s knee then his stomach. Makabe comes back and clotheslines NOSAWA and Taichi down. NOSAWA gets frustrated enough with Makabe that he flips him a double bird (with no assistance from Taichi). Makabe doesn’t take kindly to this hand gesture and executes a spider German suplex. This is a beautiful move, but the camera angle used in this match doesn’t do it justice. Luckily, NJPW captured it perfectly in a commercial for their trading card game:

Needless to say, Taichi comes back in later, but soon gets laid out and pinned.

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