DH Smith Makes it Back to the Big Time

by Daniel Johnson

The last time DH Smith had any real noticeable part on WWE television it was as part of a list of names of recently released workers that CM Punk mentioned while doing his voice of the voiceless schtick. Yet, no one has any reason to cry for the son of The British Bulldog. In August NJPW announced that he would be coming back to their promotion. That’s right instead of being underused in WWE he is getting some fat stacks from Japan.

Before his most recent journey to NJPW about a year ago he made his way back to Big Time Wrestling (BTW) where he had previously held the BTW Heavyweight Championship. This video shows a clip from that victory as well as his full return match where  he takes on BTW regular Ryan Von Kool. The bout begins with the two teasing a test of strength that Von Kool is way too small for. Instead Von Kool climbs up the ropes and tries to kick Smith when he gets close. Smith is too quick and catches Von Kool’s foot. From there Smith goes to town on his smaller opponent’s arm including a sweet looking armdrag.

The psychology is sound in this fight for the most part, but there is a small, but noticeable flaw in logic. Smith focuses on Von Kool’s arm throughout despite his intended finisher being a sharpshooter. Still, Smith makes the fans happy by whipping out a hanging vertical suplex, a favorite move of his father. Von Kool gains an advantage after the fight goes outside and then back in again. He spends this time ripping into Smith’s leg including a nice looking single leg Boston crab. Von Kool’s big mistake comes when he misses a dropkick from the top rope and lands in perfect position for Smith’s sharpshooter. Von Kool is left tapping in seconds.

As mentioned Smith has gone on to NJPW, but BTW soldiers on. In fact they are having a show on December 14 in Newark, CA.

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