Site News 11/29/12

by Daniel Johnson

The big news of the day is that now we are four. The man known only as Bad Booking has joined The Johnson Transcript as a contributor. He comes from a different background from the other writers on this site regarding how he got into wrestling. This allows him to give a unique perspective when he talks about such topics as WWE, WCW and a grotesque blade job by Shawn Michaels. You can read all about his background in his new piece, “Bad Booking, Or How I Stopped Worrying and Dropped the Bomb” that is up today. It is part of his new feature, The Tome of Bad Booking in the “Smooth Runs” section of the site.

Outside of this website feel free to check Bad Booking out on his blog and in particular check out this piece he wrote that really got my attention. Follow him on Twitter @badbooking.

Switching topics, I know that at least one other writer on this site would agree with me that we would like to see readers leave more comments. Sometimes we just need to know if we should raise our hands in victory or if we were down for the three count from the start. You can even halfway raise our hands then when we’re least expecting it turn us around for a steel chair shot. Heck we’ll even blade.

Lastly, I just wanted to make an announcement for an announcement. Yes, I know I’m being awful, but at least I’m not, to paraphrase The Critic, one of the folks who fill our lives with award shows where award shows win awards. Feel free to get your gun. There may just be a hint in those last two sentences. The announcement will be made 12/1/12.

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