Afa Savages Puerto Rico

by Daniel Johnson

It just hit me right in the tummy that we are now a full week removed from Thanksgiving. That means I’ll have to wait another 51 weeks before I’m—to paraphrase the legendary wordsmith Dave Batista—not only socially encouraged, but allowed to pig out on a huge turkey meal. Yet, some eaters don’t give a hoot about what is socially encouraged or allowed. One of those carnivores would be Afa, The Wild Samoan. Not only would Afa eat a gigantic turkey meal any day of the year, but he sure as heck wouldn’t bother to cook it, clean it or even use silverware.

Actually, judging by a recent photograph of Afa he probably had a quiet and dignified dinner with some other members of the Anoaʻi family. However, Afa wasn’t always so regal (not William) looking. In fact, with his unkempt appearance he could be downright scary. However, he couldn’t strike fear into the hearts of every wrestler such as the early hardcore wrestlers like Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen and Carlos Colon. Wait a second…that’s not Carlos Colon! Carlos Ocasio? Yeah, Ocasio probably voided his bowels the minute he saw Afa. In this vintage WWC squash Afa brutalizes Ocasio for a while before wrapping the bout up by planting him on the mat from a fireman’s carry position. It’s not the bloodbath that an Afa/Colon fight would be, but is a swell squash, something old school Afa would never eat.

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