WCW Breaking News 9/18/14

by Daniel Johnson


*The launch of the WCW Network went off without a problem. Not! Adam Copeland aka Edge former holder of the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship in WWE was open to doing some talking head interviews for the new online service. However, when Copeland got word his jobber match against Meng from an old WCW Pro was being featured in a compilation aimed to bury WWE talent he broke off negotiations with the company. In better news streaming for the WCW Tuesday Nitro After Show had no reports of buffering. Probably because so few people are interested in watching a WCW after show.

*Vince Russo has officially rejoined WCW and will now be the company’s co-head booker along with Tony Schiavone. Fans tuning into next week’s WCW Tuesday Nitro will get their first taste of what the Russo/Schiavone era has in store for wrestling fans. Rumor is that since the main event is a non-war games match the two are scrambling to fit as much insanity as they can muster into the other marquee match for WCW Fall Brawl 2014. Sources say that all of the titles aside from the WCW World Heavyweight Championship will be up for grabs in this one. Given that, some likely names to feature in this match are the holders of the WCW United States Championship (Buff Bagwell), WCW World Television Championship (Burn aka Tokyo Magnum), WCW World Tag Team Championship (High Voltage 2.0: Kenny Kaos and Jimmy Yang), WCW Hardcore Championship (Crowbar) and WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship (Lenny Lane and Lodi). The WCW Cruiserweight Championship has long been vacant, but perhaps that will be up for grabs too while we’re at it. Given that war games are typically decided by one team surrendering how title changes will be made in this match is anyone’s guess.

*The story behind the main event of next Sunday’s WCW Fall Brawl 2014 being Bill Goldberg and Scott Norton in a two ring cage match is a complicated one and stems from the backstage demands of the participants. When this week’s WCW Tuesday Nitro started Goldberg was scheduled to defend his WCW World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match against Ultimo Dragon at the big event. However, over the course of the show Goldberg was said to be irate and declared he had no interest in wrestling in a ladder match or with Ultimo Dragon, who he has shown respect for in the past, but does not consider in his league. Norton was then hot shotted into replace Dragon, but under the condition that the match not exceed a currently unknown amount of time and that it not be a ladder match. Despite the war games match often getting the top spot on the card at WCW Fall Brawl, Goldberg refused to work anything lower than the main event.

*In other Norton news, as previously reported WCW is looking to do whatever they can with the big man while he has five months remaining on his huge contract. Sources say Norton was approached to be WCW’s MMA guy who they have been searching for since July as previously reported. The latest development in this search is that WCW brass is looking for someone to actually fight Bobby Lashley possibly at a Bellator event after the Shark Fights Heavyweight Championship holder successfully debuted for this company. Norton’s response was said to be short and to the point, “Go to Hell.” Perhaps Norton saw how that Lashley fight ended.

*My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans can rejoice as at this past WCW Tuesday Nitro the brony inspired Pinkie World Order (PWO) debuted by attacking Burn aka Tokyo Magnum. Sources say the core group, which consists of Disqojack aka Disco Inferno and the returning Pinkie Parka aka La Parka  and Psicosis aka Psicosis Sparkle will add new members and more than double in size by next month. Burn’s super push has died down considerably since as previously reported Goldberg threatened to walk unless he was put over the Japanese star. Expect Burn to drop the WCW World Television Championship to one of the members of this stable, most likely the Hulk Hogan of the group, Pinkie Parka.

*Rumors that WCW Head of Talent Relations, Kevin Nash has been in talks to bring in Rob Van Dam are false. Apparently Nash thinks of RVD as just another vanilla midget. Instead Nash had actually been in talks with Jean-Claude Van Damme about appearing on a future episode of WCW Tusday Nitro in a promotional tie-in for the sumer hit, The Expendables 3. Although Van Damme has not appeared in the franchise since the second installment Nash is said to be looking to save WCW money when they bring in outside talent. In related news Nash’s contract renewal resulted in another six figure raise for the former Vinnie Vegas.

*Speaking of stables, MTV never cared about the long forgotten Wrestling Society X (WSX) promotion before, but is now suing WCW over copyright infringement after the teaser promo for Kevin Sullivan’s new stable featured old WSX footage on WCW Tuesday Nitro. Sullivan’s stable is expected to continue, but be renamed as The Dungeon of Doom X. As previously reported plans for a WSX invasion had been nixed way back in November 2012 before being revisited in July.

Disclaimer: Unless you’ve been stuck in the Ultimo Dragon’s dragon sleeper or took a bad frankensteiner from Scott Steiner you should know that none of this actually happened. The real WCW was purchased in 2001 by the company that would become WWE.

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