WCW Breaking News 8/21/14

by Daniel Johnson



*More and more details keep coming out about Bill Goldberg’s displeasure with WCW, but nevertheless he continues to work for them. Eric  Bischoff can be thanked/blamed (depending how you look at it) for Goldberg staying with the promotion. Originally it looked very unlikely that Goldberg would wrestle at WCW Bash at the Beach 2014. The day of that show Bischoff acting in his new role as assistant to the executive producer was pushed by WCW brass into making a last ditch attempt to retain Goldberg and get him to work the pay-per-view. Goldberg responded well to Bischoff because of the history between the two and more importantly the additional $500,000 Goldberg will now get after his contract revision. With no opponent scheduled for Goldberg, Chuck Palumbo was hastily put into a title bout with Goldberg allotted 10 minutes and with no previous planning.

*Chuck Palumbo is out with a fractured skull after taking a bad mule kick from Bill Goldberg. Doctors don’t expect him to be cleared for competition until late 2015 at the earliest.

*WCW head of talent relations, Kevin Nash is said to have been the driving force behind the last minute decision to have Buff Bagwell defeat Sean O’Haire for the WCW United States Championship at WCW Bash at the Beach 2014. Someone finally showed Nash the viral clip of Buff Bagwell hitting a Canadian destroyer at an Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) show while Buff was out of WCW. Nash is said to have been blown away. “The young guys could learn a lot from Buff,” Nash reportedly said.

*WCW has managed to reinvigorate some interest in Tokyo Magnum with his new Burn character heavily based (some, nay, most would say ripped off of their former marquee talent, Sting). Magnum winning the WCW World Television Championship by last eliminating Disco Inferno in a battle royal at WCW Bash at the Beach 2014 shows the folks up top have some faith in him. As previously reported another young (well by WCW standards) prospect is Crowbar. Don’t be surprised if the company kills two birds with one stone and feud the two.  Another young talent (again by WCW standards) the company is said to be interested in bringing in is Ace Steel. Someone in the WCW offices must have got wind of WWE being interested in The Young Bucks and panicked.

*Rumors of El Dandy returning to WCW are unfounded. As previously reported the company has been in negotiations with Adolfo Tapia aka La Parka aka LA Park aka Pinkie Parker (based on the cult favorite My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), but as of yet have not reached a deal. Despite this WCW is moving along with plans for a Pinkie World Order (PWO) stable with either Tapia reprising his previous role or a new masked man being brought into play the Pinkie Parker character. The idea now is for the founding of the group to mimic the original New World Order (NWO) trio by having one older star and a tag team form the stable’s core. Dandy was approached for the role of the older star, but is said to be anxious about returning to the ring. Sources say he is doubting himself.

*Comedy stables are still all the talk at WCW booking committee meetings. The idea for a faction based on the long dead Wrestling Society X (WSX), which aired on MTV in 2007 may finally be coming to pass, but in a highly mutated way. Apparently someone pointed out how bad the idea was to revive something that has been irrelevant for ages and most people never cared that much about to begin with. At that point Kevin Sullivan’s ears perked up and Sullivan laid out his own plan for the stable. The group will now be called simply WSX and feature old school spooky elements with no references to the former MTV program. Sullivan has volunteered himself to be the group’s onscreen mentor. WCW Magazine would probably hype this if it the publication still printed. Well, at least WWE Magazine will soon join it in kayfabe dirt sheet heaven.

*The story behind this Sunday’s WCW Road Wild Rising 2014 being main evented by a returning Scott Norton is a complicated one. Senior vice president of talent relations, Mark Laurinaitis (yes, the brother of Johnny Ace) was told by WCW higher ups, “Do whatever it takes. We want Orton at any cost.” Laurinaitis heard this wrong and one, six month contract rumored to be in the six figures later, WCW is stuck with Scott Norton.

Disclaimer: Unless you’re still recovering from Kronik’s high times or got ran off the road by The Outsiders you should know that none of this actually happened. The real WCW was purchased in 2001 by the company that would become WWE.

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