Old School Flashback: Buster Cherry Hates Rock n’ Roll at PWI

by Daniel Johnson


Buster Cherry vs. The Rock n’ Roll Rebel

This match between two newcomers to Pro Wrestling International (PWI) opens with Laura Angelique setting up the match from PWI’s version of an event center. The two men making their PWI TV debut are Buster Cherry and The Rock n’ Roll Rebel.

While The Rock n’ Roll Rebel has a fairly innocuous look (despite being the heel), Johnnie Walker (the wrestler not the liquor) is sitting in on commentary and as a freshly turned heel cannot wait to rip into Buster Cherry. Walker says it looks like the cherry is about to bust and points out, “He’s kind of plump there around the midsection.” It is a little odd that Buster Cherry is not the one with “Rock n’ Roll” in his name because he looks a little like a bulkier version of Robert Gibson of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. At any rate, with a name and look like that I have a hard time believing he’d be let anywhere near a grade school.

As for the in-ring action Cherry spends a decent amount of time working on Rebel’s legs and at one time even locks him into a Boston crab. Although Rebel escapes that move he cannot avoid the cherry bomb, which is a big back body drop followed by a standard elbow.

The full match can be seen right here:

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