Old School Flashback: Mad Man Pondo Tears Apart Johnnie Walker

by Daniel Johnson

Mad Man Pondo vs. “Gentleman” Johnnie Walker

Gold is on the line in this encounter from Pro Wrestling International (PWI). Mad Man Pondo (at the time with flowing black hair as opposed to now) comes into this match as the PWI Television Champion after having defeated babyface Diamond Dan. Speaking of hair, commentator “The Real Deal” RD Reynolds picks on Pondo’s opponent, “Gentleman” Johnnie Walker for having too much body hair and looking like a Chia Pet. The clip gets a little risque when Reynolds’ broadcasting partner, “Dangerous D” Eugene Donaldson comments that Pondo’s valet, Lady Vendetta doesn’t look too hairy and Deal responds with, “She shaves, don’t worry about it.

As for the mechanics of the match it consists of a lot more mat wrestling than you would expect from someone named Mad Man Pondo. However, Pondo tires of this and gets up from the mat to hit Walker with some closed fists. From there Pondo hits his next big move by Irish whipping Walker into the ropes and hitting him with a clothesline. Unable to defeat Walker with his wrestling, Pondo utilizes his hairless valet by distracting the referee while she hits Walker with a trash can lid. Unsatisfied with just having his valet get a shot in, Pondo then reverses roles with her and hits Walker with the lid himself. Despite Walker blatantly having his feet under the ropes the ref, already having been proven incompetent, counts three and gives Pondo the win anyway.

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