WSU: Jenny Rose Wrestles Hania at Mutiny

by Daniel Johnson

Jenny Rose vs. Hania

This brief bout took place at WSU Mutiny in February and features the young Hania (or Hania the Howling Huntress to use her Christian name) going against the larger Jenny Rose. Despite living up to her name by howling to get the audience pumped up, Hania is soon nearly howling for a completely different reason when Rose knocks her down with a shoulder block to get this match started.

Although this is by no means a lengthy match Hania refuses to just do the job and instead of taking a beating hits dropkicks not once, not twice, but thrice! Rose just absorbs these kicks and continues dominating by planting her with a slam then busting out some submissions. The commentators draw some comparisons between Rose’s moves and Japanese wrestling veteran/occasional WSU performer Sumie Sakai. Meanwhile unlike Rose, Hania just can’t Sakia it up to use a horrible pun. Hania manages to fight back a bit, but after missing a crossbody from up top by about a country mile it is time for Rose to finish her off. Rose pulls out her own aerial offense and viciously knocks Hania down with a clothesline from the top rope. Rose then pins Hania for the victory…or does she? Yes, the referee blatantly botches the final three count, but the fans let him know about it enough so it’s tough not to feel bad for him.

In upcoming WSU news there will be a WSU showcase match between Kimber Lee and Alexxis Nevaeh at CZW To Infinity tomorrow.

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