WSU: Rose and Brooks at Blitzkrieg

by Daniel Johnson

Jenny Rose vs. Jessie Brooks

This encounter from WSU Blitzkrieg is primarily dominated by Jenny Rose who in the early goings depends on a submission style of wrestling with a lot of moves that according to Professional Wrestling 101 should wear down her nemesis. Not that Rose’s opponent doesn’t get in her shots as well. In fact at one point in the match Brooks gets in a bunch of strikes to Rose’s face as the two nearly get counted out when trading blows on the outside.

As the match goes into it’s second half, Rose starts busting out some impact moves and at one point gets a series of two counts following a side slam, swinging neckbreaker and snap suplex, respectively. Brooks gets in a two count here and there, but eventually starts having to resort to one off desperation moves such as a German suplex that comes out of nowhere. Heck, at one point Brooks even busts out a variation of Bryan Danielson’s cattle mutilation.  It is all for not though as the match closes with the feminine version of if JBL and Bradshaw simultaneously hit the clothesline from hell on each other (well, if they could exist simultaneously anyway). While the two look down for a ten count, the match instead ends in a time limit draw.

While worth a look, sadly despite the name, this clip does not contain the appearance of a certain former WCW cruiserweight.

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