WSU: Christina Von Eerie and Kimber Lee at An Ultraviolent Affair

by Daniel Johnson

Christina Von Eerie vs. Kimber Lee

Earlier this year, WSU An Ultraviolent Affair took place and showcased the company’s best talent. In the second match of the night Kimber Lee was accompanied by her tag team partner, Annie Social as Lee took on Christina Von Eerie.

Eerie starts the match by taking Lee down and getting her in a front face lock. This hold doesn’t last too long and Eerie ends up spitting in Lee’s face. Social doesn’t take too kindly to Eerie’s saliva and sticks up for her partner by spitting in Eerie’s face. Lee lands some good offense over the course of this match including some sweet combinations such as a clothesline, back elbow and dropkick.  Lee even performs a tarantula variation that leads into a dropkick. For her part, Eerie just heels it up throughout the entire match. Outside of the loogie she hawks, Eerie also chops the heck out of Lee and stands on her hair while pulling her up. Ultimately Eerie walks away with the victory when she hits a backcracker out of nowhere.

In other WSU news, the company will have some showcase matches at Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow II. More details about this event can be found on the Fete Music website where the event will be held.

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