Indie Flashback: Chris Hero Faces Bobby Fish

by Daniel Johnson

Chris Hero vs. Bobby Fish

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or, to sound like less of a condescending jerk, unless you’re not into Chris Hero or WWE then you should know WWE recently released Kassius Ohno aka Chris Hero. For indie fans this is more of a mixed bag of news than anything. Although Hero now has even less chance of becoming a big star in WWE in the near future the release also means he will be returning to the indies where there is a great mixture of new and old opponents waiting for him. One match that could be right around the corner for Hero is another encounter with Bobby Fish.

I’d like to say that the above match is from the glory days of EVOLVE, but…man are those bleachers scarcely populated. Still, that is not a reflection of the in-ring action as this bout features a great mix of brawling and technical action. Hero hits enough rolling elbows that they get difficult to count! Fish soaks up the majority of the punishment and only manages some offense when he hits some fluke moves like a falcon arrow and a knee strike. Yet, it is not enough for Fish to defeat Hero, who wins after two rolling elbows in a row. After the match Claudio Castagnoli aka WWE’s Antonio Cesaro requests some water for Hero, his worn out buddy.

In other Chris Hero news, the man will be wrestling Johnny Gargano for the Open the Freedom Gate Championship on November 17 at DGUSA Freedom Fight 2013. More information about that event can be found here.


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