Indie Flashback: Ten, Love at FCF DOMination 3

by Daniel Johnson

Ibo Ten vs. Jessica Love

This match from Fight Club Finland (FCF) pits the gender bending Jessica Love against the big man Ibo Ten. The bout happened at FCF DOMination 3 in 2011 and the fans are clearly behind Love who is the much lighter of the two participants and as such gets away with ducking Ten and hitting him with some chops. Given how much more powerful he is than Love though, all Ten has to do is hit one strike and he immediately takes control of the match. When the action goes out to the apron, Ten yanks Love’s foot out from underneath the young talent and Love’s head hits the apron hard. Either that is some great selling on Love’s part or the gender bender is concussed. Commentator Rhubarb Johnson correctly points out that, that indeed was a “dastardly” move. Well, at least if this whole wrestling thing doesn’t work out Ibo Ten can make a good living as the new Snidely Whiplash.

When the action goes back inside the squared circle Love gets put in a headlock and at first literally only seems to have one supporter clapping for him. An approximation of Love’s fan base can be found here. Well, not really. The fan support soon starts to pour in, but it is not enough to inspire Love to win the match. The battle goes to the apron again and this time Ten suplexes Love to the floor. Both men are too hurt to re-enter the ring and the match is ruled a countout.

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