Indie Flashback: FCF at the American Car Show

by Daniel Johnson

Ibo Ten vs. El Excentrico

This match from Fight Club Finland (FCF) between Ibo Ten and El Excentrico happened at the 2009 installment of the American Car Show in Helsinki, Finland. Aurora Flame accompanied Ten to the ring, but there is no reason for her to interfere. Although Excentrico has gone toe to toe with some top FCF talent, Ten controls the match from the start with a hip toss and an armdrag.

Ten is no stranger to beating the crap out of his opponent and as the match is wrapping up commentator Rhubarb Johnson estimates that Ten controlled about 80 percent of it. Sure, Excentrico gets a little offense in, but when he tries to shoulder block Ten it is like a ball bouncing off of a wall. When Excentrico tries to charge Ten yet again he gets caught in a fireman’s carry position and planted right on his head with a death valley driver. Likewise, after a series of two counts Excentrico goes to the top rope only to land right on his crotch when Ten catches him. For the finish Ten hits a modified version of a falcon arrow.

All in all this was a swell encounter, but felt a little too much like a squash match at times.

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