25 and Under: Koray and Lucky Kid Wrestle for the GWF Middleweight Championship

by Daniel Johnson

Koray vs. Lucky Kid

This match from the German Wrestling Federation (GWF) was wrestled to determine the first ever GWF Middleweight Champion. The bout happened in late 2012 at GWF Berlin Wrestling Night 12 between Koray and Lucky Kid, who were evenly matched opponents being about the same age and size. Although the title they are fighting for is a middleweight title, one can’t help, but think of great cruiserweights when they watch Koray and Kid moves as they aspire to be among the all time memorable innovative cruiserweights.

Kid is the first to go to the ropes with a springboard sunset flip that reminds me a tad of Eddie Guerrero. Kid is not all about high speed moves though and demonstrates his ability to work as a great cruiserweight heel. As the match is going at a breakneck speed, Kid suddenly slows the action way down by going for a simple chinlock. While Kid had a better ability to control the crowd, Koray ultimately came out on top. Koray hit some impressive moves including a reverse hurricanrana, a tornado DDT that crashed Kid’s face into the ring apron and finally a driver variation to win it all.

Although Koray came out the victor, he would hold onto the GWF Middleweight Championship for less than a month before dropping it to another young German performer, Cem Kaplan.

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