25 and Under: Koray Defends the GWF Middleweight Championship Against Cem Kaplan

by Daniel Johnson

Koray vs. Cem Kaplan

In this German Wrestling Federation (GWF) match from about a year ago, Koray defended his GWF Middleweight Championship in what turned out to be his greatest challenge yet at GWF Berlin Wrestling Night 13. Still, Koray had proven when he defeated Lucky Kid and won the championship that he was a capable wrestler. Plus, it wasn’t like Koray was wrestling Rambo or anything.

Koray starts the match by getting the audience into as he stomps his feet and claps his hands. Koray then tries to roll up opponent Cem Kaplan and also tries to hit his finisher the Koray driver, which is kind of like TAKA Michinoku’s driver except it really isn’t at all. Koray appears desperate as he tries again and again to quickly pin Kaplan until Kaplan stops him dead with a back elbow. Kaplan calls on the spirit of Razor Ramon and goes for a Razor’s edge, but Koray wiggles out. Kaplan is just as puzzled by this as Scott Hall has ever been. Kaplan tries the Razor’s edge again and…I don’t think so chico! This time Koray reverses it by hitting a hurricanrana. Koray then hits a cross body block, but follies when he tries a springboard move and instead just gets knocked off the ropes onto the floor. From there it is just a matter of time before Kaplan ends it with a gutbuster to become the new GWF Middleweight Champion.

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