Indie Flashback: Rambo in Germany

by Daniel Johnson

Salsakid Rambo vs. Belthazar

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that the title of this post may be just a little misleading because the Rambo the title refers to is probably not the first Rambo to come to mind. Instead the Rambo this post is about is Salsakid Rambo. Now, my German isn’t perfect, but I think the English translation would be “Something in German Rambo.” What? I told you my German wasn’t perfect. Wait…maybe they forgot a space and capitalization in that name and it is really Salsa Kid Rambo. Nope, probably not.

Terrible jokes aside, the German Wrestling Federation (GWF) presented this match at GWF Berlin Wrestling Night 11 last year and continued a tradition of having brief, but fun bouts. Rambo’s opponent tries to open the match up by chopping Rambo like Ric Flair, but Rambo completely no-sells the would be chopfest. When Rambo turns the tables and chops Belthazar, Belthazar may as well be Shawn Spears with the way he is flopping all over the ring. This is far from a squash match for Rambo though because after he charges at Belthazar and his opponent ducks, Rambo goes flying out of the ring. Belthazar goes up top and hits a beautiful crossbody on Rambo on the floor.

When the action comes back inside Rambo nearly takes charge again by reversing an Irish whip and hitting a big splash on Belthazar in the corner. However, Rambo crotches himself on the ropes, which allows Belthazar to take advantage again. As the referee is untangling Rambo, Belthazar takes advantage of the situation by biting Rambo so fiercely you’d think Belthazar was going to consume him. This is kind of weird because it’s not like Germans like to eat people. No, Germans don’t think about cannibalism much at all.

All of Belthazar’s heel tactics just end up angering Rambo, who demolishes his satanic opponent with a powerbomb so devastating it looks like it could have been performed by a more agile Vader.

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