Shawn Spears Sells All

Among the debuts and re-debuts that happened in the WWE following Wrestlemania was newcomer Damien Sandow cutting a promo on Smackdown. While he is one of the least known names among the debuting and returning wrestlers he has one of the longest histories with the WWE. Sandow first appeared on WWE programming in 2002 as Aaron Stevens. He got a developmental deal out of it and eventually made his way to Smackdown as Idol Stevens where he was promptly lost in the shuffle.

Similarly, Gavin Spears also had a fairly uneventful career during his short stint in the WWE incarnation of ECW and even earlier in the WWE farm leagues. Stevens and Spears went on to tag abroad and later feuded, showing just what they could bring if given a shot on national TV in the United States. Sandow/Stevens is getting that chance now. Hopefully, Spears won’t have to wait another ten years to get his shot. If nothing else he could be paired with Heath Slater in a jobber tag team as he is a hell of seller.

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