Beyond “Beyond the Mat”

I remember hearing that Jake Roberts was supposed to have a retirement match with Kizarny a while back so I set out to look for it. Along the way I found this:

I saw Jake Roberts in a giant plastic bag and knew I had to watch the rest. It’s odd because I would think even Jake would only be used to getting smaller plastic bags than this. There is probably still just as much coke in it. Anyway, I would describe this match further, but I think this review (despite some small spelling errors) does a pretty good job of summing up what you might expect from a typical “The Jim Rose Circus vs. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts” show.

Also, while I was looking for a full version of that Roberts/Kizarny match, I came across this:

As far as I can tell the only edit to the song is what may or may not be Roberts saying the word “mark” repeatedly.

Ultimately, I still haven’t found that lost retirement match so here is Jake’s good friend, Jake “The Sanke” Roberts taking on Nick Berk instead.

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