Nakajima Refuses to Hail Sabin

One of the top searches for this blog recently was Chris Sabin. At the time I didn’t have any matches featuring Chris Sabin posted here so I figured I would rectify this. For those who don’t follow Impact Wrestling, Sabin recently made his return as half of the Motor City Machine Guns. If he is given enough onscreen time he’ll be sure to light up the ring in just about any match thrown his way.

However, if Sabin gets buried among the flood of talent in Impact Wrestling, we can always go back and watch his matches abroad. Here, he works with one of the few people around who can legitimately be called a pro wrestling prodigy. Katsuhiko Nakajima today is only 24 and has already been wrestling for almost a decade. Hell, the guy can even have match of night bouts in videogames. Just try using him in the latest update of EWR.

In this match for the AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Championship Sabin uses sound ring psychology by targeting Nakajima’s legs. I would love to see that surfboard set up move where he drives Nakajima’s legs into the mat in a mainstream American wrestling match. Nakajima recovers though and hits some really stiff looking kicks before Sabin strikes back with a picture perfect delayed dropkick. Even Erik Watts could learn something by watching that dropkick!

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