A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell

If you have never checked out Wrestlecrap.com before then I cannot urge you enough to do so. In this match that took place just a few days ago Wrestlecrap regular Midnight Rose makes an appearance as the manager of Mr. Fitness II and really plays up his heel role. I mean just look at that body posture! Also, I’m disturbingly glad to see the Shake Weight used in a wrestling gimmick.

During the match Mr. Fitness II gets his mask ripped off by ECW alumnus Angel of Da Baldies. He then does a comically bad job of trying to cover up his face. Someone, throw a coat on him already! Also, the only physical interference from Midnight Rose is classic as he gives a love tap that wouldn’t put down a moth.

On a final note, just look at the expression on Angel’s face after the match. It just screams: “God, why did ECW have to go out of business?”

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