25 and Under: Cole and Starr Wrestle Title for Title

by Daniel Johnson

Adam Cole vs. David Starr

New Horizons Pro Wrestling (NHPW) held NHPW Perth City Riot 2013 this past August. Current ROH World Championship holder, Adam Cole wrestled on both nights of the two day event and did what he does best: win. On night one Cole defeated Chris Vice for the NHPW Art of Fighting Championship. In this NHPW Vault match from night two Cole’s opponent, David Starr says that he will put his NHPW Hi-Fi Championship on the line if Cole will also defend his NHPW Art of Fighting Championship. Cole agrees so the bout becomes title for title.

Cole smacks Starr right in the face to open the contest, but it is not long before Starr is chopping Cole literally off of his feet. Cole is at the mercy of Starr’s offense so much so that he eventually has to beg him to stop pummeling him and shake his hand. As Professional Wrestling 101 dictates a heel can never be trusted when offering a handshake so unsurprisingly, Cole and Starr cannot resolve their issues peacefully. After Cole is on the attack, Starr rebounds with a violent chopfest followed by a clothesline and a German suplex. Starr throws in an Olympic slam for good measure and looks posed to win with a ripcord elbow until Cole wallops Starr with a championship belt. This brings out Cole’s previous opponent, Vice who runs Cole off. Before the clip ends though the referee can audibly be heard telling the cameraman to get a shot of the bladed and bloodied Starr.

To close out the show Vice actually won back the NHPW Art of Fighting Championship for a unique ending to be sure, but than again the southern hemisphere is known for some unusual things. Some very unusual things.

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