Site News 11/28/13

by Daniel Johnson


Hey pilgrims and pilgrimettes! As the above image indicates The Johnson Transcript is now accepting new writers. So if you’re interested in covering indepdent wrestling and especially the young performers the scene has to offer then apply today! All you have to do is e-mail me at and send along one to three writing sample(s) to be considered.

Writers are unpaid (sucks, I know), but being published on this site can be a good way to get your name out there. The Johnson Transcript is viewed by thousands each month including those in the wrestling industry. Heck, since only being established in 2012 the site has already been viewed in over 140 countires and territories around the world!

In other site news I made some adjustments to the regular schedule of site updates. Since I started featuring Beyond Wrestling, ISW and ROH on set days of the week, traffic has improved greatly. However, I wanted to shake things up a bit with the hope of featuring an even more eclectic mix of wrestling from throughout the world. As such ISW and ROH will no longer be featured all the time on Tuesdays and Fridays, respetively. In fact, I stopped featuring ROH on Fridays a while back because they stopped featuring new ROH Throwback Thursday clips, which most of those updates were based on. That doesn’t mean ISW and ROH will stop being featured completely. They just won’t be regularly scheduled.

The new schedule will include a new series called 25 and Under, which will be write-ups in the Wrestling Clips section of matches highlighing a wrestler/wrestlers, who is/are 25 or younger. Since, the inception of this website I have saught to promote young talent and this new feature will go a long way towards that goal.

To lay it out simply the new schedule will look like this:

Sunday: 1) A Beyond Wrestling clip
Monday: 1) An entry in the Wrestling Lists section
Tuesday: 1) A 25 and Under clip
Wednesday: 1) An interview, 2) An Old School Flashback clip or recent indie clip
Thursday: 1) A Puro Flashback clip or recent Japanese clip
Friday: 1) A 25 and Under clip
Saturday: 1) An interview, 2) An Indie Flashback clip or recent indie clip

Additional updates may also be posted, but that is the minimum amount of updates you can expect on The Johnson Transcript each day until further notice.

Lastly, the nomination process for The Crown J for 2013 will begin Sunday, December 1, 2013. On that day a list of performers, who have been verified as meeting the criteria for The Crown J will be posted. If you’re a fan of someone eligible then throughout December you’ll be able to nominate a wresting personality 25-years-old or younger who has never been signed to one of the top two promotions in the United States by sending me an e-mail. In case you don’t know what The Crown J is, plenty of information can be found about it in The Crown J section of the website.

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