25 and Under: Ram-C Nearly Loses a Nipple at GLL

by Daniel Johnson

Ram-C vs. Berken

Yesterday I posted an Indie Flashback featuring German wrestlers after that country advanced to the finals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup by defeating Brazil. Today, I thought it would only be fair to have this edition of 25 and Under feature some Argentinian wrestlers since Argentina just advanced to the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals by beating Netherlands on penalties. However, finding clear clips of  full matches featuring Argentinian wrestlers verified as 25 and under is about as tough as it sounds. Instead I settled on this slightly blurry wrestling clip from Argentina’s neighboring country of Chile.

At just 24 years-old, Ram-C has a ridiculous wealth of experience. Since debuting in 2009, Ram-C has spent the majority of his career in Generacion Lucha Libre (GLL) based in Santiago, Chile. There, Ram-C has held the promotion’s top title, the GLL Absoluto Championship on multiple occasions, the GLL Tag Team Championship and even wrestled in high stakes gimmick matches. One standout was a hair vs. hair match he lost against Franco Martorelli (who is actually Argentinian).

As for why I have such a silly sounding title for a post about such an accomplished performer…well, take a look at the clip. You’ll realize the title isn’t so much silly as it is accurate. Ram-C and his opponent Berken chop the hell out of each other throughout the match. In segments between a chopfest here and a chopfest there, the two wrestle a highly entertaining, fast paced match. The action is exciting from the beginning when Ram-C grabs Berken by the back and tosses him down hard to the mat then puts his boots to him. Some impressive parts include missile dropkicks (one per man) , a sequence where Ram-C counterattacks with a powerbomb/follows it up with a Mexican surfboard and finally Berken winning with a 450 splash after shenanigans.

To check out some more in the 25 and Under series featuring fast paced action click here and here.

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