25 and Under: La Pulga Wrestles Alex Alligator at PWE in Spain

by Daniel Johnson


La Pulga vs. Alex Alligator

This match between Alex Alligator and La Pulga took place for Pro Wrestling Euskadi (PWE) based in Bilbao, Spain in 2012.

Alligator was born in 1992 and has been wrestling since 2009. He has a surprisingly grounded in-ring style given his build and the wrestling scene he works in. Alligator is also obviously fond of some of the more popular North American technical wrestlers. The only thing that may be more slamming about him than his highlight video is his somehow awesome, but repetitive theme song.

The slightly older 1991 born La Pulga also debuted in 2009. Most recently he has been heating up the Spanish wrestling scene in ZERO 1 Spain and Revolution Championship Wrestling (RCW) where he has held the RCW Championship.

If taking Spanish in sixth grade taught me anything it’s that La Pulga translates in English to The Flea while Alex Alligator translates to Alex Alligator. On  paper a a flea wrestling an alligator sounds about as unlikely as it does uncompetitive, but these two each get some good spots in.

This match starts with a Pulga chant and in case anyone was unsure if Alligator was a heel he smacks Pulga with a cheap shot during a referee pull apart. Pulga takes Alligator out of the ring with some headscissors then gets on the ring apron and is posed to do an Ultimo Dragon-esque Asai moonsault, but instead gets cut down by Alligator. Later on Pulga shows off a seamless combo when he does Mr.Anderson’s rolling forward Samoan drop then a beautiful second rope moonsault. This doesn’t get Pulga the win and after a while Alligator hits two rolling German suplexes before Pulga escapes and delivers a German suplex of his own. Pulga then performs a 450 splash that brings back memories of 2 Cold Scorpio in the 1990s.

The full match can be seen right here:

I have no idea when the next PWE show will take place or where you can find the full results of the event this match took place at. However, if you have an answer for either or both of these things drop me a line here.

For more action from the 25 and Under series from around the world click here and here.

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