25 and Under: Ethan Wright at MFW

by Daniel Johnson


Ethan Wright vs. Seth Allen

Ethan Wright is the younger tag team partner of Seth Allen and together they make up The Old School All-Stars. While Allen has been wrestling since 2003, the 25 year-old Wright is much newer to professional wrestling having debuted in 2010.

Wright, a native Ohioan was trained by Harley Race and started out in Race’s World League Wrestling (WLW) where he wrestled chiefly in the Midwestern United States. Before teaming with Allen, Wright held the WLW Tag Team Championship with The Cancun Kid. Since then Wright has traveled a bit and received some new exposure this year when he debuted for the International Wrestling Cartel (IWC) in Pennsylvania by facing Ashley Sixx in May.

Despite being partners Wright and Allen have wrestled each other on more than one occasion. The two have great chemistry and as such it is no surprise than in 2012 they were picked to open a card for Maximum Force Wrestling (MFW) in New York. For MFW Winter War the two got the crowd excited as they assumed opposite roles. Since Allen got more cheers that made Wright the de facto heel. Where Wright really shined is in how savage his shots looked. With how hard Wright appears to be walloping Allen it is a wonder Allen doesn’t start visibly bruising as the clip goes on. Allen not turning into a bloody pulp may prove Wright really knows how to work strikes, but only Allen knows for sure just how well Wright can work those hits.

As the match comes to a close Allen signals that he is putting Wright away, but Wright wiggles out of a fireman’s carry to pin Allen with a roll up. This was a great way to open a show and promoters around the Midwestern and Northeastern United States could still benefit from booking Wright and/or Allen in an opener.

The full match can be seen right here:

MFW is not currently promoting any upcoming shows. Yet, to check out a poster from MFW’s most recent show, MFW Soul Survivor 2014 click here.

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