CZW Dojo Wars: Brooke Danielle Takes on Brittany Blake

by Daniel Johnson


Brooke Danielle vs. Brittany Blake

Brooke Danielle and Brittany Blake are two fresh faces on the independent wrestling scene. They have been wrestling for CZW since CZW Dojo Wars 1 where they appeared on opposite sides of a six man tag match also featuring CZW owner, “The Lariat” DJ Hyde. The two have gone on to become regulars for CZW Dojo Wars often wrestling against each other in multi-person matches.

For CZW Dojo Wars 8, Danielle and Blake had the chance to shine in a one-on-one match that lasted roughly four minutes. Danielle shows herself to be the heel from the get go by rudely yelling at the referee, “Check her.” While Danielle may have studied her Chris Jericho tapes to hone her ref abusing skills, Blake had apparently been watching her Ricky Steamboat tapes as she sends Danielle down early with an armdrag. From there Blake wrenches Danielle’s arms back then pushes Danielle’s head forward with her legs. This does not make Danielle tap and instead Danielle soon fights back with a blatant hair pull followed by a cocky one foot pin. Again, the Jericho influence is evident.

Before the finish a heckler shouts out the incredibly lame jab, “Why so blue?” as Danielle is losing the match and wearing blue. Bad insults notwithstanding Danielle delivers a sidewalk slam, but cannot get a three count. Instead she eats the pin after a bulldog off the second rope from Blake.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next CZW Dojo Wars show will be CZW Dojo Wars 14 on November 19 in Blackwood, New Jersey. Then on December 13 CZW returns to Voorhees, New Jersey for CZW Cage of Death XVI. Click here for tickets to either event.

For the full results of CZW Dojo Wars 8 click here.

For more battles fought in the CZW Dojo Wars click here and here.

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