CZW Dojo Wars: Nate Carter Wrestles Trooper Audubon

by Daniel Johnson


Nate Carter vs. Trooper Audubon

Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) held CZW Dojo Wars 5 back in July, which featured six matches including this one smack dab in the middle of the card. All 260 lbs of Nate Carter went up against the considerably smaller Trooper Audubon. Leading into this match Carter had wrestled on every single CZW Dojo Wars show. Audubon on the other hand was making his CZW Dojo Wars debut.

Carter pokes fun at himself as he eats a cupcake before the match, which the ring announcer tries to take away. One attendee shouts not to touch a black man’s cupcake and there is then an, “Eat the cupcake” chant. Audubon doesn’t get caught up or distracted by the cupcake and instead challenges Carter to a test of strength. Carter asks his foe, “Are you sure about this?” Audubon then proceeds to lose the test of strength, but gets in some cheap offense by stomping on Carter’s foot then poking him in one of his eyes. Audubon then taunts Carter and brags to the camera, but then nearly gets his head taken off with a lariat. Carter finisher the encounter when he channels Ron Simmons and embeds Trooper into the mat with a dominator.  It looks like this one didn’t need a fraction of the 15 minute time limit. Carter closes out the clip by flirting with the female referee.

In other CZW news the company is gearing up for CZW Down With The Sickness 2014. For that event a CZW World Tag Team Championship match has already been announced. The Juicy Product (“The Juice” JT Dunn and “The Product” David Starr) will defend in ladder triple threat match against The Beaver Boys (John Silver and Alex Reynolds) and Ohio is 4 Killers (OI4K) consisting of Dave Crist and Jake Crist. Each team has released a promo apiece hyping the match, which can be viewed here, here and here, respectively.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next CZW Dojo Wars show will be CZW Dojo Wars 9 on September 10 in Blackwood, New Jersey. After that CZW will put on a major show a mere three days later with CZW Down With The Sickness 2014 on September 13 in Voorhees, New Jersey. Click here for tickets to either event.

For the full results of CZW Dojo Wars 5 click here.

For more CZW Dojo Wars action click here and here.

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