CZW Dojo Wars: Shane Strickland Defends Against Qefka the Quiet

by Daniel Johnson


Shane Strickland vs. Qefka the Quiet

Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) isn’t afraid to giveaway top quality matches even on their smaller wars. Case in point CZW Dojo Wars 4 from last month, which featured Shane Strickland defending the CZW Wired TV Championship against the wrestling mime, Qefka the Quiet.

Qefka the Quiet is always an interesting watch especially in a match where his opponents is anyone more straight laced than him. Since most performers can’t help, but be more straight laced than a wrestling mime, Qefka the Queit’s matches tend to always be worth a watch. When Strickland first sees his opponent he repeatedly says, “This is so retarded” and gets a small “It’s retarded” chant from the crowd.

When Strickland first addresses the whole mime schtick, he waves his hand through an invisible wall Qefka is feeling around and mocks him saying, “There’s nothing there.” Later on Qefka either creates a sturdier wall or tricks Strickland into thinking a wall is actually there. At any rate Strickland jumps over the wall, but then takes a stunner from Qefka. Actually, Qefka whips out a few moves reminiscent of the Attitude Era in this one including a mandible claw. That’s right a mandible claw. This move doesn’t get performed nearly enough on today’s wrestling scene. It is unique enough that it could really distinguish a top indie worker or at least someone climbing their way to the top. Perhaps Mick Foley could officially pass the torch and give the move to Qefka. A mime can dream right?

At any rate Strickland gets out of the mandible claw and annihilates the silent clown with a goomba stomp.

In other CZW news “The Lariat” DJ Hyde’s “Ice Bucket Challenge” presented a softer side to the man in charge of a company celebrated for ultraviolence. Meanwhile in Women Superstar Uncensored (WSU) land pursuers of the WSU Tag Team Championship, Veda Scott and “The Boy-Diva” Rick Cataldo have continued to be on different wavelengths.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next CZW Dojo Wars show will be CZW Dojo Wars 8 on August 27 in Blackwood, New Jersey. The next CZW show comes even sooner on August 23 in Voorhees, New Jersey. Click here for tickets to either event.

For the full results of CZW Dojo Wars 4 click here.

For more CZW Dojo Wars action click here and here.

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