CZW Dojo Wars: Connor Claxton Has a Rematch with Frankie Pickard

by Daniel Johnson

Connor Claxton vs. Frankie Pickard

At Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) about a month ago CZW Dojo Wars 3 took place. Connor Claxton and Frankie Pickard aka Frankie James wrestled on the very first match of CZW Dojo Wars 1 and since then have continued to wrestle in the opening match of all CZW Dojo Wars including at CZW Dojo Wars 3. The two are creating a nice little rivalry to distinguish themselves from other CZW talent and it will be interesting to see how each man rises up the ranks.

Claxton gains control of the match early on by scooping Pickard’s leg. From there Claxton applies an armbar. Claxton goes on to work Pickard’s arm throughout the remainder of the match. Pickard doesn’t take this lying down and at one point even imitates Bob Backlund by attempting a crossface chicken wing. Although Pickard hits the same beautiful overhead belly-to-belly suplex he put Claxton away with in their first CZW Dojo Wars encounter this time Claxton kicks out at two. Claxton then takes Pickard down from a fireman’s carry position and goes back to the same armbar he started the match with. This time Pickard taps in short order and Claxton gets the win. DJ Hyde and Drew Gulak must be pleased with these two.

For the full results of CZW Dojo Wars 3 click here.

To watch Claxton and Pickard’s first match for CZW Dojo Wars click here. For some older CZW action click here.

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