25 and Under: “The Fat Daddy” Mack Williams at FWF

by Daniel Johnson

“The Fat Daddy” Mack Williams vs. Lumberjack Monroe

There is no getting around that hefty wrestlers who can work like John Tenta, Bam Bam Bigelow and Vader are getting rarer and rarer as I’ve written about before. So when I first read about an indie wrestler named “The Fat Daddy” Mack Williams wrestling for the Funkafied Wrestling Federation (FWF) based out of Delaware I was intrigued.

Then  I found out Williams wasn’t a hair over 200 lbs and had a white rapper gimmick. At first I was tempted to claim false advertising. After all shouldn’t he at least spell fat as “phat” if he’s going to promote himself that way. Then I found this promo on his YouTube channel. He describes himself as a chubby chaser so I guess weight does play into his gimmick even if he’s pretty slim himself. Actually, Williams may be a little bit more than just a chubby chaser in the traditional sense because pretty much all of his opponents on his YouTube channel are bulky.

As for Williams’ encounter with Lumberjack Monroe it is not the prettiest match ever. It gets tough to suspend disbelief with spots like Williams throwing two dropkicks that barely graze Monroe and Monroe still selling them. However, any time you have a chubby chasing white rapper wrestling a lumberjack you’re bound to have some fun. For the finish Monroe catches a super kick from Williams, gives him a belly-to-belly suplex and beats him with a big splash! That will teach Williams to pick on fat people!

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