25 and Under: Maxi Schneider Hones His Craft in WXW

by Daniel Johnson

Maxi Schneider vs. Michael Schenkenberg

Unless you’ve been living under the couch of a Unabomber  style shack then you know that Germany just won the 2014 FIFA World Cup by defeating Argentina 1-0. After getting back up from under there you should know two things. First, next time you should ask permission before you live under my couch. Second, that when it comes to winning something as prestigious as a World Cup, sometimes even those who don’t even come close are still great.

Case in point 23 year-old Maxi Schneider and his opponent in this match Michael Schenkenberg. I’ve talked before about how in Westside Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) in Germany, the WXW 16 Carat Gold Tournament is their version of the World Cup. As such it makes sense that the tournament is prestigious enough these days to have qualifiers. Back in February it makes sense the Road To 16 Carat Gold Tournament was held and featured four of WXW’s top young talents including Schneider and Schenkenberg.

Although neither man came close to winning the WXW 16 Carat Gold Tournament 2014 even two years before each was honing his craft to one day be able to claim such a crown. In this match from WXW Shotgun, Schneider works on his opponent’s leg early in. The two display some great psychology because when Schekenberg attempts to dominate the match he hurts his leg again when slamming Schneider on it. From there Schneider attempts to make Schenkenberg tap, but rather getting a submission win like Chris Jericho or Rick Martel might, Schenkenberg turns the tables on Schneider and wins it with a small package.

For the complete results of the  Road To 16 Carat Gold Tournament click here.

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