25 and Under: Chris Brookes, Jay Skillet and the WXW Shotgun Championship

by Daniel Johnson

Chris Brookes vs. Jay Skillet

Westside Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) in Germany showcases some of the best young talent not only from Europe, but around the world. In 2013 WXW established the WXW Shotgun Championship, which is a prize the best young talent passing through the company strive to earn. This match was part of the very first stage in crowning the first WXW Shotgun Champion.

The match starts off with a lot of solid chain wrestling between Chris Brookes and Jay Skillet. Brookes changes the tone of the match when he nearly hits Skillet with a wild kick and drops an f bomb. Skillet just shrugs it off and loudly says back to him, “Not today!” There is also a pretty unique spin on a resthold when Brookes clamps on a headlock and it takes Skillet not one, not two, but three belly-to-back suplexes to get Brookes off. Despite Brookes’ awesome ability to keep a headlock on, Skillet walks out victorious with a simple roll-up.

Four months after this match took place, Ilja Dragunov was crowned the first WXW Shotgun Champion. Although neither Brookes nor Skillet have held the WXW Shotgun Championship to date, Brookes wrestled in WXW as recently as April and Skillet is of course a WXW regular. With both men still young and delivering quality matches either could very well one day hold the WXW Shotgun Championship.

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