Indie Flashback: Alicia Wrestles Brittney Savage for the WSU Spirit Championship

by Daniel Johnson

Alicia vs. Brittney Savage

This match from National Wrestling Superstars (NWS) pits Alicia against then WSU Spirit Championship holder, Brittney Savage.

The best part about this match is how Savage uses some Professional Wrestling 101 heel tactics, but times them in an absolutely masterful way. From the start of the match when Savage attacks Alicia from behind to a spot where after taking a butt bump from Alicia, Savage fakes a knee injury, Savage looks like a real pro. In fact, Savage even has Alicia helping her to the back at one point until she shows her deceitfulness by nailing Alicia with a clothesline!  Savage controls a lot of the match and as can be expected she throws in plenty of choking and hair pulling to pad it out. Alicia only really gains the upper hand after a jawbreaker, some chops and two big boots. After these moves Alicia nearly puts Savage away with a Michinoku driver! However, unlike TAKA Michinoku at his best she fails to follow through and Savage escapes from it. Savage then intentionally gets counted out and bates both Alicia and NWS commissioner, Gino Moore. Savage ends up shooting herself in the foot because she is so heinous that Moore books a rematch between the two.

Since this match took place Savage retired in 2013 while Alicia has had two runs with the WSU Spirit Championship.

For full results from the November 14, 2009 NWS show this match took place on click here.

To see more clips in the Indie Flashback series featuring women’s wrestling click here and here.

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