Indie Flashback: LuFisto Wrestles Leva Bates at WSU Uncensored Rumble V

by Daniel Johnson


LuFisto vs. Leva Bates

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) showcased then 15 year veteran LuFisto taking on then five year veteran Leva Bates at the WSU Uncensored Rumble V in June 2012. To set the tone of the match Bates took LuFisto down and started taunting her by messing her hair up. LuFisto responded to this with an eye poke.

The early going of this bout presented the two on equal footing and at the same time showed they were willing to go to any lengths. LuFisto changes the pace of the match some minutes in when she kicks Bates in the head in a maneuver that Bates sells beautifully. LuFisto continues her assault by using the ropes to choke and punish Bates. The two later exchange in some chopping, but LuFisto’s chops sound so much more vicious than Bates’ chops it is tough to buy it as an even exchange.

Bates pulls ahead in this match with a goomba stomp. Yet, the action is far from over and LuFisto comes back with a purple nurple of all the spots there are in this world. LuFisto follows that up with a German suplex and a fisherman buster variation. Neither move puts Bates away and she attempts a stomp from the top rope, but misses that one allowing LuFisto to deliver a burning hammer. It is not as deadly looking as some of Kenta Kobashi’s burning hammers, but lethal looking enough.

Aside from this match WSU Uncensored Rumble V featured a slew of worth watching footage including a WSU Spirit Championship match between Jessicka Havok and Marti Belle, the WSU 21 Person Uncensored Battle Royal and a casket match between Jessicka Havok and Mercedes Martinez for the WSU Championship.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next WSU show will be WSU Resurgence on September 13 in Voorhees, New Jersey. Click here for tickets.

For the full results of WSU Uncensored Rumble V click here.

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