Indie Flashback: John Hennigan Wrestles Petey Williams at FWE in 2013

by Daniel Johnson


John Hennigan vs. Petey Williams

Back in 2013 Family Wrestling Entertainment (FWE) held the FWE Openweight Grand Prix, a tournament spread out over two events featuring some top indie talent. The opening rounds were held at an event merely titled, FWE Openweight Grand Prix. In this second round match held at the FWE Openweight Grand Prix Final, John Hennigan aka former WWE star John Morrison wrestled former TNA man Petey Williams.

Prior to the match Hennigan does Bret Hart’s old move of giving out his sunglasses. However, instead of laying them on the eyes of one lucky child he gives them to Colt Cabana who is on commentary for the show.

The structure of this tournament is that second round matches are 10 minutes long and if they cannot be decided within that 10 minutes then there is an additional five minute overtime period. After the match goes on for a while it look doubtful that a winner will be decided within 10 minutes because neither one can dominate his opponent. At one point Cabana jokes that if Faarooq Asad was there then there would be a clear dominator. Of course when you’re wearing a Nerf football helmet you can’t help, but dominate.

With time ticking away Williams lands a legsweep then a reverse STO. Williams locks on a sharpshooter, but Hennigan gets to the ropes. Good thing Vince McMahon wasn’t at ringside or it could have been all over. Williams then executes his Canadian destroyer finisher, but Hennigan pulls himself out of the ring as the match goes into overtime.

During overtime Williams attempts a Canadian destroyer off the top rope, but Hennigan escapes, kicks Williams in the head and finishes with starship pain.

The full match can be seen right here:

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