Indie Flashback: “The Double X Diva” Alexxis Nevaeh, Niki Nitro and Nikki Valentine Battle

by Daniel Johnson

“The Double X Diva” Alexxis Nevaeh vs. Niki Nitro vs. Nikki Valentine

Smack dab in the middle of a Lucky Pro Wrestling (LPW) card in 2013 was this match featuring “The Double X Diva” Alexxis Nevaeh, Niki Nitro and Nikki Valentine. Nevaeh is the one who really shines in this match, but Nitro and Valentine do their part to make this brief triple threat match worthwhile.

This match has a dynamic that is common of triple threats in that the heels team together to work over the face (Nevaeh) for the majority of it. This first starts when Nitro and Valentine lead Nevaeh to believe they will do a three way test of strength, but then quickly turn against her. Nevaeh soon knocks Nitro out of the ring and punishes Valentine with a crossbody, a running forearm and a bulldog. The Australian born Nitro doesn’t stay out of the ring for long and the numbers soon catch up to Nevaeh who finds herself getting choked by both the heels. Good thing for Navaeh, Nitro’s manager, “Showtime” Stevie Stamos only responds to hecklers throughout the match or else it would be three on one.

At any rate no scoundrel can be trusted for long and Nitro soon turns on Valentine with a hair pull that lands Valentine on the mat. Although they team up again, Nevaeh hits a double crossbody and in short order clocks Valentine with a big boot to score the win.

For the full results this of LPW card that took place in the Elks Function Hall in Clinton, Massachusetts on March 23, 2013 click here.

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