Indie Flashback: Veda Scott Wrestles Courtney Rush at AIW Girls Night Out 7

by Daniel Johnson

indieflashbacklogoVeda Scott vs. Courtney Rush

Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) is a promotion filled to the brim with talented American males. Yet, this Ohio based promotion also features an athletic women’s division bursting with talent like Athena, Allysin Kay and Heidi Lovelace, the last of which has an amazing super rana. In August 2012 at AIW Girls Night Out 7, Veda Scott and Courtney Rush showcased some of the best parts of this division.

While Scott may not be the most technically gifted wrestler on AIW’s roster she has always been big on character. During that time she had begun teaming with Gregory Iron, in an intergender tag team known as Hope and Change that would one day hold the AIW Tag Team Championship. Aside from having Iron to play off of, there is also a funny spot in the beginning of the math. Rush gives the ring announcer a legal waver to read aloud for the litigious Scott. The waiver declares that Scott will not sue Rush if Rush suplexes her brains out.

During the feeling out process there is also another silly spot when Scott gives referee, Dave “The Potato” Dawson a judo style throw down, somehow accidentally. As the match goes on Scott hits a sloppy rocker dropper from up top, but Rush soon breaks out what turns into some chain wrestling. Fans are a little short changed on the chain stuff though because Rush ends it quickly with a German suplex.

Rush has Scott beat with a spinning Samoan drop, but Iron pulls out the referee. Rush goes outside to confront Iron while Scott recuperates.

For the finish the distracted Rush gets put in a small package by Scott who achieves a three count.

The full match can be seen right here:

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