25 and Under: Kaho Kobayashi Debuts at WNC

by Daniel Johnson

25andunderlogoKaho Kobayashi vs. Lin Byron

Kaho Kobayashi is a rising star who has chiefly wrestled for Pro Wrestling WAVE this year. Yet, Kobayashi travels a lot and accomplishes perhaps just as much. In Universal Woman’s Pro Wrestling REINA (UWWR or REINA) she briefly held the REINA World Tag Team Championship with one of her trainers, Makoto. Her other trainer is former WWE star Yoshihiro Tajiri. Kobayashi debuted about 18 months ago for Wrestle New Classic (WNC) in this match against Lin Byron.

To say the difference in experience level is great would be a massive understatement. Bryon had been wrestling for nearly a decade by this point and was celebrated by many in Japan including a very sweaty Tajiri. Nevertheless she agrees to shake hands with Kobayashi before the match and the two engage in some technical wrestling for a feeling out process before a standoff.

A test of strength ensues and with the two so evenly matched in might Kobayashi takes Byron down, but only through executing a suplex variation. She then goes onto hit four shoulder blocks in a row. Now, while the technical wrestling had been swell up to this point, four shoulder blocks in a row is just a little too elaborate. It reminds me of the boomerang finisher of that long forgotten WWE legend, Outback Jack. The inability to suspend disbelief is exacerbated by this spot being performed identically later on.

Nevertheless the two display some athleticism it is tough to find in the squared circle outside of a puroresu match. Byron even pulls out Ultimo Dragon’s handspring back elbow, which has also become a trademark of hers.

For the finish Byron kicks Kobayashi in the face, but just gets a two count. She then hits a brainbuster and again only gets a two count. Finally, after a stalling brainbuster Bryon wraps the match up.

The full match can be seen right here:

WNC has no upcoming shows because they have since merged with WRESTLE-1. The next WRESTLE-1 show will be WRESTLE-1 Tour 2014 Incandescence on December 21 in Chiba, Japan. Click here for tickets (site is in Japanese).

For the fulls results of the WNC June 28, 2013 show click here.

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